Thai, english, french dictionnary API

Posted by debuss-a on 14th Jul 2018

Now that the database is set with our vocabulary we can move on to the API creation.

On the server side, I just needed a simple micro framework to quickly write the API.
Slim Framework was my choice as it is easy to install (via composer) and get started with :

  • Set up a PDO entry in the container
  • Create a few routes
  • Add some flavor

And... it is done !

It also allowed me to discover Postman a bit more by creating the API documentation with it.
Here is the link to the documentation for Dict API : https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/4831712/RWMBRAbT .
To see an example, let's fetch some vocabulary about "plane" (I love planes) : http://dict.debuss-a.me/v1/plane .

An online version is also available : http://dict.debuss-a.me .

Next step : The Android App !