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A year ago, I've made a PWA application named Dicthai.app, a French - English - Thai dictionary that I made in a few weeks to help me studying Thai language. Let me introduce it to you!

What is Dicthai.app?

It is a dead simple Thai dictionary you can use when you are traveling (or like me living) in Thailand.
We used to study Thai with my wife before our baby girl was born, and tried to apply what we've learn on our daily lives.

The hic, when you learn a new language, the most frustrating part is the vocabulary.
You know how to make a sentence, you know how to conjugate verbs, you know the good basics, but you also only know the basic words and it becomes quickly complicated to have a real conversation because of your lack of vocabulary...

From this experience, I've made Dicthai.app.
It contains more than 5000 words and phrases so you should be able to find everything you need on the go.
Also, it is a PWA app which means you can download and install it on your phone and it can works without an internet connection!

What does it do?

The app is made with React and Material-UI so it has an Android app look and feel.


The main menu comes with a suggestion of 6 randoms words.
You can perform a search via search bar and the results found will be displayed on cards.

Noodle search

For the Thai language you have the word written in Thai and in phonetic Thai.
It is possible to add a card to your favorite so you do not need to look for it again later.


Feel free to contact me for any improvment you think might be interesting for the app.
I used it myself and I find it pretty good for my use, but I'd like to get some more reviews in order to update it so it can be suitable for most of people.

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